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This video summarizes everything you need to know about your SkaterTrainers. 

It covers how SkaterTrainers skateboard wheel stoppers work, how to install and remove your SkaterTrainers the easiest way, how to practice tricks with your SkaterTrainers, and answers some of the most frequent questions we get from someone who has just got their SkaterTrainers.


The points are best summarized in the video.  Some points to remember:

  • It is best to put your skateboard in your lap for good leverage.
  • You can pull very hard on your Skater Trainers skateboard wheel trainers and they won't break
  • You can even pre stretch them out to make it easier to put them on.
  • If you are having a difficult time, it is most likely a technique problem.  Watch the video above and you will find it much easier.

How do I Practice Tricks with SkaterTrainers?

The video does a great job of explaining it. In General, you put your SkaterTrainers skateboard wheel stoppers on to figure out the steps of a trick faster. With your skateboard stabilized by the SkaterTrainers, it makes it so much easier to dial in the steps of the trick. It also helps raise your confidence, because you know that the skateboard is not going to slip out from under you.  

Once you have the steps figured out, you can practice it with Skater Trainers skateboard wheel trainers and get several repetitions in. This will help develop more confidence and get muscle memory for the trick. The steps and motions with the SkaterTrainers are identical to the motions without them, the only difference is the skateboard does not move. 

After you are consistently landing the trick you are working on with the Skater Trainers skateboard wheel stoppers, you can take them off and get it for real.  Start with your skateboard stationary (not moving). Get comfortable and consistent doing the trick stationary. If you are having problems, you can alternate between with skatertrainers and without.  Once you have your trick good stationary, it is time to progress to rolling. Start at a slow speed, and work your way up.  

If you are having trouble getting the trick, it also helps to take a video of yourself and compare it to trick tutorial videos so you can see exactly where your steps are going wrong.

Although it sounds like several steps, we have 1000's of people that have used them and it will lead to you learning the trick MUCH faster than without SkaterTrainers.

SkaterTrainer Use FAQ's?

Why do SkaterTrainers help? SkaterTrainers help by giving you the confidence to help you commit to your tricks. With the skateboard stabilized, it is much easier to figure out the steps of the trick. We have 1000's of reviews on our site, and you can also search YouTube for "Skater Trainer" to find more testimonials.

Why learn tricks Stationary? Despite what some people say, almost everyone learns the basics of the beginning tricks stationary. For the beginner, it is easier to learn steps of the trick with the skateboard stabilized. Once you have the steps of the trick down, the steps are exactly the same if you are rolling. The only difference is it takes more confidence to try it rolling.

How Long Do SkaterTrainers Last? SkaterTrainers will last for 100's of sessions and 1000's of trick attempts. They are carefully engineered and use some advanced polymer materials, so they are durable and tough. Most people do not need to worry about wearing a set of SkaterTrainers Out?

Do the SkaterTrainers ever need adjustment or come off the wheels? Once you have your skatertrainers installed, you don't need to worry about adjusting them ever. They will self align and self adjust. Its part of the design. Just do your tricks and the skatertrainer will take care of its sellf. 

My SkaterTrainers Look too Big?  Your SkaterTrainers are not too big. Sometimes people thing they are to wide, or to big, or fit to loose. They are not, they were designed like this. This helps them stay on the wheels and eliminates adjustment.

Specific Trick Tip Guides 

These are some great articles on learning specific tricks with your SkaterTrainers. Another great resource for learning tricks is to get Skateboarding Made Simple DVD. It breaks down the trick in so much more detail than you get on YouTube, and also gives you a system for learning tricks in the right order which can really speed your progress.   You can get it here.