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Tips on Installation, Using, and Practicing with SkaterTrainers


Here is the easiest most efficient way to install a set of SkaterTrainers. If you are finding it difficult to install your SkaterTrainers, you need to read this and watch the video below.

Learn to do it this way and really save yourself some time and effort.   The key is to use the wheel to do the work of stretching the rubber.   

  • Put the board in your lap for best leverage
  • Start with the SkaterTrainer perpendicular to the axel of the truck.   
  • Push the SkaterTrainer down over the wheel until it gets past the nut on the truck.
  • Once it is past the center of the wheel, keep pushing on the edge of the SkaterTrainer, and it will just wrap around the wheel
  • Watch the video if this does not make sense


Troubleshooting, SkaterTrainer Stuck Behind Wheel

This happens occasionally. You can stretch them back over the wheels. Put your fingers inside of the SkaterTrainers and pull them over one edge of the wheel. Pull really hard, you just want to get a little bit of the ST pulled over one edge of the wheel. Then, pull the other side up the same way. Once you have an entire edge of the SkaterTrainer on the wheel, just push on the bumps and it will slide on. This is the quickest way. If you can not do this, then take the wheels off.

The best way to avoid this is to adjust them when you notice they start to slide around. Realign them so they are centered on the wheel.  


Trouble Shooting, SkaterTrainers Moving Around

They do slip around some, especially if you are working on shove-its, and sometimes flip tricks. Because they are made to temporary and easily installed on all skateboard wheels, they have to have a little give and will slip around some. After doing several tricks, you can quickly re-center them on the wheel and they will never come off.

Here are some Tips

 * Wash in soap and water. Makes them stick to wheels better
* Break them in. This helps, and gets better over time
* The smoother the surface, the less the slippage. On a coated garage floor, they move much less than a rough sidewalk
* Center them up on the wheel. If they move some, recenter them before they slip off
* Adjust them during use. Its much easier to center them up than it is to re-install them.

They stay on reasonably well for most riders. Here is a video of 9 kickflips in a row without slipping off. I believe he is riding 52-53 mm wheels here.

They also slip around when newer skaters shift their board around preparing for a trick.   When you are new and setting up for an Ollie, we have seen skaters lean back and forth on their board, which can cause the SkaterTrainers to work their way off the wheel. The less unnecessary motion like this, the better. Not only for slipping the SkaterTrainers, but also for avoiding bad habits in the future.


Tip Guide:


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