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Support and How To Use Your SkaterTrainers

Help, I can't Install my SkaterTrainers?

It is easy to install SkaterTrainers, especially if you do it the right way.   Click HERE for help!


My SkaterTrainers are Slipping off the wheels, Is this Normal?

They do slip around some, especially if you are working on shove-its, and sometimes flip tricks. Because they are made to temporary and easily installed on all skateboard wheels, they have to have a little give and will slip around some. After doing several tricks, you can quickly re-center them on the wheel and they will never come off.

Here are some Tips

* Wash in soap and water. Makes them stick to wheels better
* Break them in. This helps, and gets better over time
* The smoother the surface, the less the slippage. On a coated garage floor, they move much less than a rough sidewalk
* Center them up on the wheel. If they move some, recenter them before they slip off
* Adjust them during use. Its much easier to center them up than it is to re-install them.

They stay on reasonably well for most riders. Here is a video of 9 kickflips in a row without slipping off. I believe he is riding 52-53 mm wheels here.

They also slip around when newer skaters shift their board around preparing for a trick.   When you are new and setting up for an Ollie, we have seen skaters lean back and forth on their board, which can cause the SkaterTrainers to work their way off the wheel.   The less unnecessary motion like this, the better.   Not only for slipping the SkaterTrainers, but also for avoiding bad habits in the future.


How Can I learn to Ollie with My SkaterTrainers?

Check out our blog post with Tutorial Videos


What Type of Tricks can I do with My SkaterTrainers?

Here are some great examples