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A great example of why Skater Trainers work.

We recently found this unboxing/review video of a young skater that is the perfect example of why Skater Trainers work. This kid made impressive progress on his pop shuv-its during his unboxing/review video of Skater Trainers. He went from putting them on to landing his first pop shuv-it in just 8 minutes. He goes by the name "Challenge Boy" on YouTube and he makes it known he isn't one to back down from a challenge when he says "I don't give up". Within the first minutes of putting Skater Trainers on he can already tell he likes them, he says "I gotta admit for those couple minutes I actually really enjoyed them...They're really good you should get some if your starting skateboarding". Watching him land his pop shuv-it at the end of the video makes it clear why skater trainers work. They help him land his tricks giving him confidence and keep him excited about skateboarding. It only took him 36 try's in total to land his trick. At the end of the video he says "so you saw it they work" "I was no where close to shuv-its on floor but I got it". Progress builds confidence and its easy to tell when you watch someone progress. If you have a minute watch his video its funny, a great example of why Skater Trainers work and you wont be disappointed. 


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