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How to Ollie is the biggest question from a beginner skateboarder. You probably got to this page from searching "How To Ollie". We are here to help.
Aaron Kyro from Braille Skateboarding is THE world's most known and popular skateboard instructor. He made this video below teaching the steps of the ollie, the best way to get them down, and even shows you how SkaterTrainers will make it so much faster and easier to get this trick down. Even if you already know the steps, this video will help learn how to do an ollie easily!

It is likely that you already know what an Ollie is, but if you don't, an ollie is a skateboard trick where you basically make the skateboard jump without using a ramp or your hands. You pop the tail of the skateboard on the ground and maneuver your feet so that the skateboard floats under your feet while you are jumping. It's like a magic trick.

Another important point for beginners learning how to ollie is that it is the most important trick in modern skateboarding. You need to know how to ollie to do almost any other trick in skateboarding. It is the basic foundations of any other trick, including 180's, pop shovit, kickflips, heelflips, treflips, and just about everything else. You need to be able to ollie to grind, to jump over curbs, and just about anything else you see a skater do that looks cool

SkaterTrainer has helped thousands upon thousands of people learn to ollie FAST. We continually hear from people that they have been struggling with their ollie for a very long time, but after they learned about SkaterTrainers, they were able to Learn How to Ollie in literally hours instead of weeks, or months, ….or never.
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Real Skaters Learning How to Ollie with SkaterTrainers

Still skeptical, I understand. SkaterTrainers are a new invention and most people who can actually ollie learned how to with out them.  However, we have helped thousands upon thousands learn how to ollie and countless other skateboard tricks. Below there are some videos of actual people learning how to ollie with SkaterTrainers.   

Amalia was 10 years old, and wanted to know how to do an ollie. She knew what to do, but had never even come close to getting one.  In this video, you can see how a 10 year old girl went from zero ollie skills to actually landing one for real (without SkaterTrainers). 


Here is ZexyZek, he is a video gamer and YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers.  He is a world class expert at skateboard video games like Skate 3 and Skater XL, but he has just started getting into real skateboarding.  He made a lot of progress in a very short time using SkaterTrainers, and this is a good video to show you how they work. Watch the video to see how he did it.


The next video is Chloe. She is not your average skateboarder. She is a 30 something mom who has never skateboarded before. You can see how fast she can get her confidence up and learn how to do ollie on a skateboard with SkaterTrainers. (Spoiler Altert: She learned how to ollie in a little over an hour)



Here is Sarah.  She is the famous girlfriend of professional skateboarder John Hill.  She can ride a skateboard, but never learned how to ollie.  In this video she goes from being terrible at ollies to actually getting one off the ground in about 9 minutes.

 Maybe you are tired of watching Vloggers try to ollie.  Here is Bryan, he is just a regular guy trying to learn how to skateboard. He made this video on his first day of learning how to ollie, and you can really see how much progress he made on the first day of learning how to ollie.

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Tired of Trying to Ollie? 

How about some Freestyle Tricks


Does Your Ollie Need Work?

 Maybe you already know how to ollie, but it just is not working. Here is a great video from professional skater John Hill addressing what he says are the 5 most common problems with the ollie.


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