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Braille Skateboarding shows you How to Ollie with Skater Trainers

Braille Skateboarding shows you How to Ollie with Skater Trainers

Want to learn how to ollie on a skateboard with SkaterTrainers? 

“These are a tool, these are an aid, these are going to help you build the confidence, they are gonna help you learn it faster”- Aaron Kyro on SkaterTrainers

Braille Skateboarding has just dropped a new video teaching you how to ollie on a skateboard the fast way using Skater Trainers. Braille Skateboarding with over 3 million subscribers has been the go to place on youtube for every skater wanting to learn new tricks. Braille was started by Aaron Kyro who is a professional skateboarder with decades of experience with the simple goal of teaching skateboarding and getting more people to skate.

His video will break down the steps for you on how to ollie on a skateboard and give you the tips you need that he has used to teach so many people to skate. Aaron gives his four steps that he has given before in how to ollie videos of the past, but in this updated version he added a new “tool” he says will help you learn ollies faster. Aaron says “Trust me when you start putting these four steps together your gonna want that little bit of an extra tool right, so you still got the pop of the concrete, your board is stable, your not gonna slip out so it’s that confidence builder”. Skater Trainers are the tool that will help you to focus on the steps, build confidence and learn your ollies faster.

If you’ve watched any of Aarons previous videos you will know he’s always talking about how important confidence is when learning to skateboard. Its well known that new skaters face a mental block when it comes to learning their first tricks because of the fear of your board slipping out. Skater Trainers are designed to get rid of that mental block along with practicing riding like Aaron always says. He says “I can say just commit commit commit. But it will help you to have something holding your wheels in place so your not flying out this way or that way”.

Overall his video has all the helpful tips and tricks you will need to learn how to ollie and fast! So if your interested with getting your ollies fast we definitely recommend you check the video out below.


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