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For Kids And Beginners

 And why so many parents say "SkaterTrainers are amazing for our kid's early skateboarding"...


WARNING: If you show this video to a kid who loves skateboarding, prepare to be assaulted with "are they here yet?" until the day SkaterTrainers arrive in the mail.


Did you buy your kid a skateboard? 

And now you cringe every time the little daredevil goes outside to ride on it?

Forget rolling around nice and easy. Skater kids want to do those insane tricks all the "Pros" do on ESPN and YouTube!

But how are they going to learn that stuff without getting seriously hurt?

And how are YOU going to keep your hair from turning gray watching him figure it all out?

What every parent THINKS is going to happen.
What every parent THINKS is going to happen. 

I mean think about it...


Skateboarding for Kids and Beginners is FREAKIN' HARD!


We’re talking about a piece of wood attached to wheels made to GO FAST.

That’s why kids are so amazed when they see their first “dude on a skateboard”.

But you already know what's going to happen, right?

Your future politician finally gets the skateboard he campaigned so hard for, and BOOM! Butt meets the concrete.

Don't get me wrong, there are some kids who can get on a skateboard and take off like it's second nature.

But for everyone else, it’s a lot harder to get the balance and timing down.

And falling down keeps most beginners from sticking with skateboarding.


That’s Why I Invented SkaterTrainers


SkaterTrainers keep the board still while you practice

By keeping the wheels in place, your child can now get used to being on their skateboard.

He can start to experiment with the tricks, or just work on balance.

"Back in the old days", we'd just put our skateboards in grass. But that didn't teach us how to DO the trick on concrete.

Now kids can feel, hear, and see how their skateboard works on the pavement.

And that's exciting because now YOUR KID can be the "cool dude on the skateboard"!

Cool dude with a skateboard :)


Kids Go NUTS When They Discover SkaterTrainers


Actually no... it’s not just the kids.  

Adult skaters also get “SkaterTrainer Fever” (can’t wait for their set to arrive).

You might know exactly what I'm talking about if your child found us before you did.

I think kids just go crazy because they can’t whip out their credit card and buy them right away.

And do you want to know the best part?   

SkaterTrainers WORK!


Kids still love SkaterTrainers AFTER getting them!

Shocking isn’t it?

Yes, this super-happy face is a real customer

How many things have you bought off the Internet for your kids that turn out to be total crap?

The junk on TV that doesn't work anything like in the commercial.

Well, SkaterTrainers won’t be one of those things.

They're made with superior materials and the concept behind making them work is flawless.

This is what SkaterTrainers look like

And oh, by the way...


SkaterTrainers Come With A 100% Money Back Guarantee!


If you're not completely satisfied, I will take them back and refund your money.

Guess what: no one has ever sent them back.

Just the opposite.

SkaterTrainer has over 400 5-Star reviews!

That’s a lot of reviews. 

Parents leave us HUNDREDS of reviews!

Still not impressed? Click Here to see more reviews.

Our fans make videos, take pictures, and brag about how much they love SkaterTrainers.

This picture came on Twitter!

We get messages like this on Instagram every day!

You can find videos from Australia to Norway, and Canada to Egypt.

Here's a well done review video a 15 year old sent in just DAYS after getting his:



But... SkaterTrainers Are NOT Sold in Stores


You can ONLY buy SkaterTrainers on this website, and here's why:

We love our customers.

We love getting videos and pictures of kids opening their SkaterTrainer gifts.

It would be impossible to do all that if SkaterTrainers were in a Wal-Mart aisle.

And, that does mean supplies are limited.

I always recommend parents buy a set of SkaterTrainers while you’re thinking about it.

Don't wait the WEEK BEFORE your party or holiday.

You’ll thank me for that tip.


More Great Reasons YOU Will Love SkaterTrainers


  • They fit on any skateboard so you don’t have to buy anything extra.
  • Installation and removal is easy and doesn't need any tools.
  • They’re great to use indoors because they won’t tear up the floor or put holes in your walls.
  • Every order comes with a set of 4 SkaterTrainers. One for each wheel :)
  • SkaterTrainers are a durable rubber so your skater won't wear them out overnight.
  • We ship ANYWHERE in the world. 

The #1 Reason Parents Buy SkaterTrainers

It’s simple: parents LOVE watching their kids succeed.

Sean sent this in to Twitter. Love it!

I get so excited to see kids who might otherwise have quit skateboarding become good at it.

After the difficult beginning, you’ll see his creativity and love for the sport shine.

Heck, YOU might even jump on the skateboard and give it a try one day. I won't hold my breath, but... you never know.

Rad Dad showing off his skills

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PS         Over 400 parents have written thanking us for our amazing product. More than 10,000 kids have sent pictures and videos using SkaterTrainers!

And, remember: SkaterTrainers are 100% guaranteed to work.