She Learned How to Ollie in an Hour with No Skateboarding Experience January 15 2018, 0 Comments

Aaron Kyro and Braille Skateboarding did an interesting experiment for their channel. They took Chloe, who is a a completely new skateboarder, and taught her how to ollie. Only they used a secret weapon.....SkaterTrainers.

Chloe is not your typical skateboarder, she is a mom with a job (at Braille Skateboarding) and has only been on a skateboard twice and has never done a trick. She knows how to ride but that’s it. In a Braille's video, Aaron teaches Chloe how to ollie.

This video is a great example of how Skater Trainers can help anyone learn the basic steps of a trick. SkaterTrainers gave Chloe the confidence to learn how to ollie on a skateboard and overcome the fears and problems most new skaters face.

How did she do?  You have to watch the video to find out......


In a later video which you can check out (here) we find out Chloe who works for Braille had so much fear of learning her ollies she actually didn’t want to film this video. She soon found out she had nothing to fear once she knew she could start out on Skater Trainers and there was no chance the board could slip out. Aaron later used the Chloe video as an example in another of his videos saying “The video that I made with Chloe we were using these and often times she jumped and landed like that (unbalanced) and her weight was so far off to one side or another if these weren’t on she would have just boooom (crashing noise)”. “So obviously it helps that you have these and the board is not rolling, the Skater Trainers they definitely do help” Aaron says. By the end of the video using Aarons coaching, his Skateboarding Made Simple dvd and Skater Trainers Chloe already had her ollies down and was much more confident.