Braille Skateboarding Asks "Do SkaterTrainers Really Work?" November 07 2017, 1 Comment

Aaron Kyro is the world's most known and best skateboard instructors.  He has no doubt taught hundreds of thousands of skateboarders how to do skateboard tricks through his wildly successful YouTube channel, Braille Skateboarding.  He is a professional for Revive Skateboards, Force Wheels, and several other skate brands. You will not find a more knowledgeable skateboard instructor.

In his video for Braille Skateboarding "Do SkaterTrainers Really Work?" he put SkaterTrainers to the test.

Aarons goal with the video was to give an extreme test of skatertrainers to see if they help you learn tricks faster.  Kyro started by teaching Alex, a completely new skater.   Aaron was able to teach a new skater a basic trick with SkaterTrainers very fast. Alex doesn't even own a skateboard and has ZERO experience skateboarding.

 Going from completely new skater to learning a shove-it on Skatertrainers in less than 30 minutes.   From there, Alex was able to land a few shoves without skatertrainers and landed a few rolling by the end of the video.  The whole lesson lasted only one hour.

Braille Skateboarding Conclusions on SkaterTrainers

 Although we agree with Aaron that the best way to start skateboarding is to get comfortable on your skateboard, then learn tricks, it was a very interesting experiment.  It proved to Aaron that SkaterTrainers will help you learn tricks faster.  Watch the video from the start here:

If you are a beginner, you definitely should check out Aaron Kyro's legendary video Skateboarding Made Simple.  In volume one, he takes you from a noob learning how to ollie all the way through a kickflip.  If you do what he says, you will be an intermediate skateboarder by the time you finish.  Combine Skateboarding Made Simple with SkaterTrainers, and we guarantee you will make progress faster than you ever thought possible.  You can buy Skateboarding made simple HERE and SkaterTrainers HERE.  We also have a package deal, where it is a huge discount if you get both together (SkaterTrainer + SMS DVD Package).   It is 100% worth the money and will save you so much time.

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