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Roger - Founder of SkaterTrainer 

Hi, I'm Roger from Oklahoma and I invented SkaterTrainers to help people learn new tricks fast. I skated when I was a kid and after 25 years without a board I thought I'd try again. At first, I tried using a sidewalk crack to ollie, but I never landed back in the crack and the board would shoot out from under me causing me to fall and become discouraged. Next, I tried in the grass but I couldn't get the pop that I could on hard concrete. After some planning and research, SkaterTrainers were born. Finally I had a way to learn new tricks fast, increase my confidence, and practice without bailing on the trick before I even land it. Since we launched SkaterTrainers in 2013 people all over the world have been learning to skate faster with our skate trainers for wheels.