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Experience Skater Learns Grinds and Switch Using Skater Trainers

Experience Skater Learns Grinds and Switch Using Skater Trainers

Braille skateboarding recently released a video experiment to see what would happen if a experienced skateboarder could learn new tricks using Skater Trainers. Lance from Braille filmed the experiment. The experienced skateboarder was Fabian Doerig who is a sponsored skateboarder from Switzerland. He has been skating for a while and is a very talented skater.

Fabian started with switch flips in the beginning of the video because he is terrible at them. He said it was a trick he had tried before but he wasn't confident with flicking his board switch and was not happy with the pop he was getting. Skater Trainers helped him to focus on his flick and pop without having to worry about the board slipping out from under him.

After trying switch flips a few times with Skater Trainers Fabian starts to see the benefits saying "it gets a little better I feel like, lets try a couple more". Improving builds skaters confidence and gets them exited to keep practicing. Fabian also pointed out how he would try to practice in the grass when he first started to skate but the grass didn't have as much pop as concrete.

Later on in the video Fabian starts trying his crooked grinds with Skater Trainers. This was a trick he wasn't comfortable with before. He used Skater Trainers to jump in and out of the crooked grind position on a ledge. He felt Skater Trainers helped him to improve his confidence with learning how to skate switch and learning this difficult skateboard grind by praising them saying "I have the feeling of a front side crooked now, I think before this video I wouldn’t even try a front side crooked." 

At the end of the experiment he and lance talk about the outcome and Fabian says 

  • “Skater trainers definitely helped me to feel comfortable in flipping it and landing on my board every time” and 
  • “I feel for people learning to skate they will be really really helpful”

Check out the video below!


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