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What to do on workout rest day? Skateboard, of course! July 26 2014, 0 Comments


Skateboarding can help develop balance and strengthen muscles and joints, which is great for everyone, particularly weight lifters, cross fitters, and other fitness gurus!   More importantly for our audience, weight lifting is a great way to enhance performance and prevent injuries....especially for you older Skaters. Strong muscles and joints will save you!

Adam Evans recently checked out Skatertrainers on his deload week. Check out his cool video review here..........

Family Shred Review gives SkaterTrainers a Thumbs Up! July 25 2014, 0 Comments

SkaterTrainer was recently reviewed by Bug Stroope, a snowboarder, husband, and father who runs FamilyShred. We were honored that he reviewed our product and thrilled that he found it helpful for teaching his son to skate, allowing his son to skate inside in a safe way!

Check out the review here: Family Shred Review

While you are there, check out the rest of his site. It is great to see the cross over between snowboarding and skateboarding and to see families doing these sports together. 



Skatertrainer Sponsoring Autism Awareness Skate Contest July 24 2014, 2 Comments

Skatertrainer is a proud sponsor of the 3rd Annual Oklahoma Slam Skateboarding for Autism Awareness this weekend July 25- 27th in Poteau and Heavener, Oklahoma. We are very excited to bring attention to the Autism community and promote skateboarding at the same time! Autism now impacts 1 in 88 children. We all need to be aware of this community and learn how to support them. 

Check Out SkaterTrainer Major Media Coverage on TheLIST May 09 2014, 0 Comments

You must watch this Video.   Major media coverage on The List (TheListShowTV).  This coverage helps more people know about SkaterTrainer so we can help them get the tricks they really want.    Please share, comment, and like the video so we can keep it going and get more stories just like this one.    SkaterTrainers are taking off and we need your support!



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How to Install SkaterTrainers in Seconds, the Easiest Way February 13 2014, 8 Comments

Here is the easiest most efficient way to install a set of SkaterTrainers.   If you are finding it difficult to install your SkaterTrainers, you need to read this and watch this video.

Learn to do it this way and really save yourself some time and effort.   The key is to use the wheel to do the work of stretching the rubber.   

  • Put the board in your lap for best leverage..........