What to do on workout rest day? Skateboard, of course! July 26 2014, 0 Comments



Skateboarding can help develop balance and strengthen muscles and joints, which is great for everyone, particularly weight lifters, cross fitters, and other fitness gurus! Weight lifting is a great way to enhance performance and prevent injuries....especially for you older Skaters. Strong muscles and joints will save you!

Adam Evans recently checked out Skatertrainers on his de-load week. Check out his cool video review here:   


Whether you skated 15 years ago, yesterday, or never before, Skatertrainers can help you learn new tricks, balance, and muscle control. If you lift weights or do other work outs,you know how important balance and muscle control is.

Check out Adam's You Tube Channel and the SkaterTrainer You Tube Channel and get more active while learning to skateboard.

Won't your friends be impressed when you skate to the gym?!

What type of workouts do you do? Leave comments below!