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Check Out SkaterTrainer Major Media Coverage on TheLIST

You must watch this Video.   Major media coverage on The List (TheListShowTV).  This coverage helps more people know about SkaterTrainer so we can help them get the tricks they really want.    Please share, comment, and like the video so we can keep it going and get more stories just like this one.    SkaterTrainers are taking off and we need your support!



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How to Install SkaterTrainers in Seconds, the Easiest Way

Here is the easiest most efficient way to install a set of SkaterTrainers.   If you are finding it difficult to install your SkaterTrainers, you need to read this and watch this video.

Learn to do it this way and really save yourself some time and effort.   The key is to use the wheel to do the work of stretching the rubber.   

  • Put the board in your lap for best leverage..........

My Kid wants a "Skateboard" Help with what to Buy? (Skateboard, Longobard / Ripstik ...

Like most things, the answer is "It Depends".   Short answer, get a Skateboard or a Longboard.   You don’t need the top of the line, but you need one that is good enough to be safe and to not limit beginner performance.

If they have any specific riding experience and ask for a specific board, then generally go with what they want.   Also what their friends have is very important, as you generally need a specific type of board for specific activity.   And always get quality components or the experience will be terrible, they will quit, they may get hurt, and you will have wasted your money.   More on that later.

If they are unsure, here are some specific guidelines and recommendations.......