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What to do on workout rest day? Skateboard, of course!



Skateboarding can help develop balance and strengthen muscles and joints, which is great for everyone, particularly weight lifters, cross fitters, and other fitness gurus!   More importantly for our audience, weight lifting is a great way to enhance performance and prevent injuries....especially for you older Skaters. Strong muscles and joints will save you!

Adam Evans recently checked out Skatertrainers on his deload week. Check out his cool video review here..........

Noob, Are You Ready to Learn to Ollie on your Skateboard?

Learning to skateboard takes dedication.   If you want to learn fast, it helps if you have an order and a strategy.   Many new skateboarders try to learn to Ollie or learn to kickflip before they are ready.  They will try to Ollie before they can effectively push their skateboard or even do a kick turn.   This often leads to frustration and even giving up.   So, for you parents and Noobs out there, here is an outline of some of the very first things you should learn to do on a skateboard.

The following list is a rough order of how you should be progressing as a beginner skateboarder............

SkaterTrainers + $1 To Make Your Own Balance Board

SkaterTrainers make learning to ollie easier.  I have taught several kids who wouldn't even get close to landing their ollies and other tricks without skatertrainers.   Its really simple, its easier to learn new tricks without the wheels moving!

Check out the SkaterTrainer balance board.   This is a fun twist and a way to work on your balance inside.    It works the same as a $100+ balance trainer (I have several), and only costs you $1 extra.    All you need is a $1 Three Liter bottle of soda.   It must be a 3 liter and NOT a 2 liter so it is big enough.  

This is great for rainy days or when you just feel like some low key practicing inside.   

If you want better balance, learn longer manuals, or just to have some fun, try this out!    This is good training and good practice to become a great skateboarder.    Check out the video and instructions below...