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Some Kids Dad Gets SkaterTrainers and Starts Popping Ollies after 20 Year Break

Jeremy ordered some SkaterTrainers for the kids (so he says!).  Tired of riding a desk for the last 20 years, he is ready to thrash again.   Like some of us, he probably watched the Bones Brigade movie and said why the hell am I on the couch when I could skate some more before I die.   But,....like nearly everything else, its just not as easy as it used to be.

Jeremy has made great progress in just a few days and already work up to his rolling ollie.  Now he is riding with the kids and practicing daily.   I have not heard if the kids have used the SkaterTrainers yet :-)

If he can do, you can do it.   Stop playing Tony Hawk, watching ESPN, and Learn to Skate for real.   Get off yo couch with SkaterTrainers!!!


Here are the Videos Jeremy Posted....click on the article



Family Shred Review gives SkaterTrainers a Thumbs Up!

SkaterTrainer was recently reviewed by Bug Stroope, a snowboarder, husband, and father who runs FamilyShred. We were honored that he reviewed our product and thrilled that he found it helpful for teaching his son to skate, allowing his son to skate inside in a safe way!

Check out the review here: Family Shred Review

While you are there, check out the rest of his site. It is great to see the cross over between snowboarding and skateboarding and to see families doing these sports together. 



Review and Demonstration of SkaterTrainers, Kevin Bailey, Owner of Knowledge Skateboards

Check out this awesome review and demonstration of SkaterTrainers. Kevin Bailey is the owner of Knowledge Skateboards and an amateur sponsored Skateboarder. He gets many questions about SkaterTrainer, and did this video about SkaterTrainers and demonstrated some difficult tricks performed with SkaterTrainers. If you want to know what a very smart, extremely focused, dedicated, and very real professional skateboarder has to say about SkaterTrainers, watch this video......