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SkaterTrainers + $1 To Make Your Own Balance Board

SkaterTrainers make learning to ollie easier.  I have taught several kids who wouldn't even get close to landing their ollies and other tricks without skatertrainers.   Its really simple, its easier to learn new tricks without the wheels moving!

Check out how to make a balance board with SkaterTrainer. This is a fun twist and a way to work on your balance inside.    It works the same as a $100+ balance trainer (I have several), and only costs you $1 extra.    All you need is a $1 Three Liter bottle of soda.   It must be a 3 liter and NOT a 2 liter so it is big enough.  

This DIY balance board is great for rainy days or when you just feel like some low key practicing inside.  

If you want better balance, learn longer manuals, or just to have some fun, try making a balance board with SkaterTrainers! This is good training and good practice to become a great skateboarder.    Check out the video and instructions below...

Here are the DIY balance board particulars:
  • Buy a 3 Liter Bottle of soda.   
  • Empty 3 Liter Bottle of soda.  DO NOT USE WITH THE SODA in it.  Eventually, it will explode and make a terrible mess.
  • Fill 3 Liter Bottle of Soda with water.  It must be 100% full all the way to the top with no air (See Picture Below).  To completely fill, turn the water down low and fill until ti runs over the top.
  • Screw the cap on
  • Install SkaterTrainers on all four wheels of your Skateboard!
  • Put 3 liter bottle on ground in between your skateboard trucks.
  • Place one foot on the tail of the board so the opposite wheels are in the air
  • Place the other foot on the nose of the board and push down to start balancing.  
  • Watch the video a few times to get the mount right!


FAQ and Warnings!!!
Can I do the balance Trainer without the SkaterTrainers?
    Its technically possible for those with extremely fast reflexes and awesome balance.   I do not recommend it as most people can not get on or off of this contraption without falling.   Its super stable and simple with the SKaterTrainers Installed.

Where do I get a 3 liter bottle of soda?   Dollar Tree and other Dollar stores have them.   The common brand is Stars and Stripes!   mmmm

Should I drink the soda?   Its terrible, but you can.  $1 for 3 liters is questinoable.

Can I Leave the Soda in the Bottle?   Don't.   The carbonation will lead to alto of pressure.  Eventually, it will leak and get 3 liters of soda everywhere.   Better to use tap water.







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