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Professional Gamer/Youtuber Learns His First Tricks, How to Ollie, How to Shuv it

If you have trouble learning how to ollie you are like every other skater who has learned the trick before you. 

In the video we are sharing with you today we found a skater in the same situation almost all beginner skaters get in. Why are ollies so hard to learn? The reason is because of how hard it is to put all the motions of skateboarding together for the first time. This frustration leaves many new skater wondering, when will I ever master the ollie?

ZexyZek as he goes by on YouTube has almost 2 millions subscribers but he isnt famous for skate boarding, he is famous for his game play videos on popular video games including Skate 3. He decided it was finally time to actually skateboard not just play the video game. This video was his 2nd ZexyZek skates video and he had already learned the basics of riding but now he wanted to learn some tricks like ollies and pop shuv its. To help himself Zek got Skater Trainers, he said " to practice tricks without the fear of the board flying out from underneath you".

As hard as it is to learn, when a skater lands a new trick the excitement they get is extreme, Zek was no different on his first ollie and shuv it. In a sport that is 90% mental and 10% physical small victories like these are what keep new skaters excited so they can stick with it. If you are working on your ollies or shuv it and want some help getting it faster we recommend you check out these blog posts in partnership with Braille Skateboarding the worlds leading how to skateboard channel where you can learn how to ollie, and how to shuv it.

Below you can find ZexyZeks' video on learning his how to ollie and how to shuv-it with Skater Trainers. Learn new tricks faster with Skater Trainers check them out in our store by clicking this link. 

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