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Two Famous People Skating. How to Ollie Straight, How to Ollie High

We like to share videos we find on YouTube we think can help you learn to skate. One of the channels we often recommend is Braille Skateboarding. Braille was started by Aaron Kyro the worlds leading skateboarding coach who has taught millions how to skate with his YouTube videos. In his famous "skate support" videos, he will actually document the process of teaching beginners how to skateboard. They are great to show you how to troubleshoot problems you may be having with your tricks, and give you some tips on how to fix them. 

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The video we are sharing with you today is one of those videos where he teaches someone a trick. In this video he teaches ZexyZek to ollie. The story of how ZexyZek started skateboarding is an interesting one. ZexyZek has almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube for his gaming channel. One of the games he is popular for playing is Skate 3. Plan B actually sponsored him and sent him a skateboard so he could learn to actually skate not just play the game.

To help ZexyZek with his ollies Aaron uses Skater Trainers to keep the board from slipping out when trying a new trick. One thing Aaron often says is how much of skateboarding is mental and Skater Trainers absolutely help you gain confidence and get over any mental block you have. By the end of the video ZexyZek is doing so well Aaron teaches him backside 180's.

 Watch the video to see the common problems ZexyZek had with his ollie that you might have and see how Aaron Kyro fixes them. Also check out SkaterTrainer to learn your tricks Faster!


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