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Pro Skater Teaches Pop Shove Its

Carlos Lastra a professional skateboarder recently did a live skate support with Braille Skateboarding on the Braille Army YouTube channel. In this new skate support Carlos helps Alexa a Braille skate camper land her pop shove it.

Alexa could already flip her board around but she said she had trouble getting her back foot on the board. To help Carlos puts Skater Trainers on her board to keep it steady so she could focus on landing with both feet without the board slipping out. With Carlos help coaching her she starts landing her pop shove its almost instantly with Skater Trainers. Once she had it down with the Skater Trainers Carlos took them off and asked her about Skater Trainers, she said "they gave me a lot of confidence". She must have really gained a lot of confidence because she landed her first try perfectly!

Dont miss out on this a great example of how Skater Trainers work. Click below to watch the video.


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