How to Double Your Kickflip Consistency. A How to Kickflip, 100 Kickflip Experiment! August 01 2018, 0 Comments

Our friend Matt Maniaci recently made a great kickflip experiment video that we are exited to share with you. You might remember Matt from the post we did on his first video about Skater Trainers - Do Skater Trainers Work?. In that video Matt checked out Skater Trainers for the first time after a friend recommended them to him. Matts main sport and purpose to his channel is snowboarding. During the summer Matt of course doesn't get to snowboard as much as he'd like so he picked up skateboarding in the mean time. Already used to a board Matt quickly picked up on basic tricks like ollies and 180's its a great video to check out if you missed the last post. 

Matts newest video featuring Skater Trainers is a kickflip experiment. Matt's idea was to test if doing 100 kickflips with Skater Trainers would make landing his kickflip more consistent. To do this Matt started by doing 25 kickflips without Skater Trainers, counting how many he landed of the 25. His first time he landed 8 of 25. After that Matt practiced kickflips by doing 100 of them with Skater Trainers, not keepig count of how many he landed. After his practice Matt took his Skater Trainers off to try the first test of 25 again. Matt knew if he could land more kickflips the second time aroud he had gotten more consistent after practicing.

After his experiment Matt had one piece of advice. Matt said "when i started doing it on the skate board again with no Skater Trainers it felt natural to commit and just try sticking it". His final word of advice was "just commit"!!

Check out Matts video experiment below and see his results! Also for more about Skater Trainers check out our page of frequently asked questions and their answers.