How to Install SkaterTrainers in Seconds, the Easiest Way February 13 2014, 8 Comments

Here is the easiest most efficient way to install a set of SkaterTrainers.   If you are finding it difficult to install your SkaterTrainers, you need to read this and watch this video.

Learn to do it this way and really save yourself some time and effort.   The key is to use the wheel to do the work of stretching the rubber.   

  • Put the board in your lap for best leverage
  • Start with the SkaterTrainer perpendicular to the axel of the truck.   
  • Push the SkaterTrainer down over the wheel until it gets past the nut on the truck.
  • Once it is past the center of the wheel, keep pushing on the edge of the SkaterTrainer, and it will just wrap around the wheel
  • Watch the video if this does not make sense

Before you start hating, we are working on another video, but this one shows you all you need to know....we think.

Any questions, leave them in the comments below!