Thanks for all of the awesome picture entries to our Father’s Day contest. We enjoyed seeing everyone having fun with their boards and their dads. We had so many great pictures that we had to randomize our selection!  All the participants had great, fun pics! View our Father's Day video below to see some more of the cool entries! We hope you all enjoyed your Father’s Day and did some skating to celebrate!



   Skateboarding can be a great sport to help create a bond between kids and parents as, Jason, our contest winner’s story illustrates:

   “I'm 34 and have been skating off and on since 1986. My girlfriend Amy was also raised around skateboarding. Our kids Keegan 8, Jetta 9, Lavadi 12, and Chris 14, all enjoy skating which is great, since it's something we can do as a family. We usually hit the local parks a few times a week or skate our driveway ramps and neighborhood.  Our family goal this year is to travel to as many different skate parks as possible before school starts again in September. We, as a family, are also big into collecting. Our house is covered in boards! We've got chairs made of decks, all of our living room and bedroom shelving are old decks, plus we have our 80's & early 90's collection hung on the living room wall as art. (That we occasionally take down and skate). “

   Jason and his son both have used SkaterTrainers to work on their skate skills. Jason states that, “They fit the wheels well and my youngest son uses them quite a bit on our driveway to help learn tricks.” Jason used SkaterTrainers after an injury to gain back confidence and skills. We think that it’s fantastic that Skatertrainers can be used in many situations to help people of every age!

   Stories like Jason’s are one of the reasons we are dedicated to getting the word out about SkaterTrainers and skateboarding. SkaterTrainers make skateboarding accessible to the entire family! Parents (even Moms!) and kids of all ages can learn balance, coordination, and confidence to be able to skateboard together. Summers are for fun and family time. This summer spend less time inside and more time outside as a family. Skate in the driveway, around the neighborhood, or at a local skate learn to have fun and appreciate each other.


   Thanks, Jason, for sharing your story and for being an AWESOME dad!. We hope you see lots of cool skate parks this summer!

   If you have a great skating/ Skatertrainer story to share, feel free to email it to us. We love to hear from our supporters.  

Keep Skating!


Check out these cool pics of Jason’s collection and home décor. We are jealous…