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Friend Pack, 2 Sets of 4 SkaterTrainers

$44.99 $51.98 saving $6.99
Friend Pack, 2 Sets of 4 SkaterTrainers

Friend Pack, 2 Sets of 4 SkaterTrainers

$44.99 $51.98 saving $6.99
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Get a set for a friend too! 2 Sets of SkaterTrainers, 8 Peices!

FREE Shiping to the US / $7USD non-US

Learn Tricks Faster with SkaterTrainer 

SkaterTrainer skateboard wheel stoppers are one of those "why don't these already exist" inventions because they solve the biggest problem new skaters have always faced....STOP THE WHEELS from rolling while you figure out the steps. Skateboard training wheels slow things down so you can figure out the trick faster, learn the muscle memory, and ultimately get the trick for real MUCH FASTER. The CONFIDENCE boost you get from stabilizing the board makes it so much easier to learn the trick faster.

Want a better Ollie? Struggling with your Kickflip? Want to learn some Switch tricks? We guarantee Skater Trainers 2.0 skateboard wheel stoppers will help you learn your new tricks FASTER. Check out what 1000's of others just like you are saying at the reviews at the bottom of the page or CLICK HERE to see what the Pro's like Aaron Kyro and John Hill have to say about Skater Trainer 2.0 skateboard training wheels.

Skateboard wheel stoppers work better than a crack, because you don't land in the crack...way better than grass because there is no pop in the grass.  

    Why SkaterTrainer?

    • Skater Trainers 2.0 is recommended by top Skateboard Instructors
    • 1000's of great reviews from real users just like you (Scroll Down)
    • Skateboard training wheels are guaranteed to help you learn some new tricks.
    • Fits almost ANY skateboard wheel (48mm-65mm+)
    • Skateboard wheel trainers are easy to install and take off
    • Never slips or needs adjustment
    • Extremely Durable and light weight 


    • 2 SETS OF 4 SkaterTrainer 2.0's (Multiple Colors Available, Pick Yours Above) 
    • Exclusive SkaterTrainer Stickers  

    What are people saying about SkaterTrainers? 

    We have hundreds of reviews on Skater Trainers 2.0 from real users, just like you. If you want to review the reviews, see what the media is saying about SkaterTrainers, and watch some videos about our innovative product, click HERE

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