10 Year Old Amalia, Brand New to Skateboarding Learns How to Ollie - Braille Live Skate Support August 03 2018, 0 Comments

Ollies are the first trick you ever learn when you start skateboarding, and even though the pro's make it look easy it can be a very challenging trick to learn. Fortunately Braille Skateboarding, YouTube's top how to skateboard channel is here to help. Braille Army which is Brailles second channel has recently released a new "how to ollie the fastest way" live skate support. Live skate supports are a Braille idea where they take a beginner skateboarder and teach them a trick live for the camera. This helps to teach other beginner skaters watching at home the trick and shows them common problem most new skater will have with that trick, and how to deal with them. This live skate support was taught by pro skater Carlos Lastra who is a master skateboard teacher, and 10 year old Amalia was the beginner learning ollies.

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Amalia had never landed an ollie or any other trick so she was a brand new skater. Her goal was to learn her ollie so she could "over take her brother in the skate game". To start out coach Carlos had her do and ollie on her board to gauge what her ollies where like. Like most first timers her ollies didnt get of the ground. To boost her confidence and stop her board from rolling Carlos stabalized Amalia's board with Skater Trainers. With Skater Trainers now on the board both Carlos and Amalia where able to focus on the steps of an ollie like popping and flicking the board without having to worry about the board slipping out and Amalia falling. After practicing a little and slowly getting closer to an ollie Carlos gave her advice on where to put her weight, and jumping forward over the board after she popped. With all of this help Amalia was soon getting her board off the ground for the first time. Then soon after that she had taken the Skater Trainers off her board and was trying her ollies by her self! Most beginners dont learn this fast and can take months just to learn how to ollie. Amalia's very fast and incredible progress was made in less than a day!

Its always exciting landing a new trick, especially your first trick! Watch Amalias great progress below. Also for more about Skater Trainers check out our page of frequently asked questions and their answers.