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How to kickflip. Braille Skateboarding Kickflip Live Skate Support.

Braille Army has come out with a new kickflip live skate support to help you learn how to kickflip. Braille Army is a side channel of Braille Skateboarding on YouTube, the biggest how to skateboard channel there is. To help teach skateboarding Braille has come up with the live skate support where they coach a skater live to help them land a trick they're working on.

Learning his kickflips in this live skate support is young Braille Skate camper Kyle, being taught by pro skater Carlos Lastra. To start out Coach Carlos watches Kyle attempt his kickflip to asses what he need to do. Kyle has no problem flipping the board but every time he lands the board slips out from under him. To help him not fall down to many times Carlos uses Skater Trainers to stabilize his board. Once Kyle knows his board isnt going anywhere its much easier for him to focus on things Carlos tell him like jumping forward over his board. With his balance found it will be much easier when he takes the Skater Trainers off.

The whole point of a live skate support is to be able to land by the end. Will Kyle still be falling down or will he take the Skater Trainers off and land it. Watch below to find out!


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