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My Secret to Treflips. How to Treflip/How to 360 flip.

Snowboarder Matt Maniaci hasn't been able to snowboard as much as he'd like because its summer. Since he can't snowboard he's picked up skateboarding and has been working on learning some new tricks over the summer. You can check out our posts over his last two skateboarding videos. The first one - Do Skater Trainers Work? A review video where Matt tries out Skater Trainers for the first time after a friend recommended them to him. The second one - 100 Kickflip Experiment. A test to see if a 100 kickflip practice will make landing your kickflips more consistent.

In his newest video Matt has moved on from basic tricks like ollie and kickflip to intermediate tricks like the tre flip sometimes called a 360 flip. Tre flips are one of the coolest looking tricks you can learn making them one of the most popular to try. They are like two tricks put together, a kickflip and a 360 shuv it, all happening at the same time. Doing these steps together is what makes a tre flip look so good but also what makes learning how to tre flip so hard.

Matt's video shows his progress of learning how to 360 flip over 4 days. The first 3 days Matt uses Skater Trainers on his board so he can focus on putting the two parts of his tre flips together without the fear of his board slipping out. Feeling confident in what he learned over the past three days and having landed tre flips with Skater Trainers on Matt takes them off to give tre flips a try with no help! Landing your first tre flip is always super exciting! Watch below to find out what happens once Matt takes his Skater Trainers off. Also, for more information on Skater Trainers, take a look at our FAQ page.


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