Help With Shuv Its? Learn to Shove It, 1 Hour Practice with Skater Trainer July 16 2018, 0 Comments

First time skater learns to shuv it in time lapse of his first day of practice! 

Learn skateboarding tricks like how to ollie, shuv it, kickflip, heelflip, and more

We recently found a great video on YouTube off a beginner skateboarders impressive progress learning to pop shuv it. This video was from "fetchytube" on YouTube, he is a brand new skater he explained in his video description - "Today I've decided to try this cool Skater Trainers to help me improve my skater skills. SPOILER ALERT: I'm as new as it gets in the art of skateboarding! Either way, here's the first tries of over 1 hour of practicing!". 

His hour long practice sped up to make his short clip showed a incredible amount of progress. This video is a great example of how learning through repetition works. Over the hour of practicing, no falls, and being able to quickly reset on the board really helps train muscle memory and make the learning faster.

We highly recommend you check out this video its only 1 minute long and a great example of how fast YOU can learn to skateboard