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Legendary YouTuber/Gamer Stampylonghead Learn To Ollie In 1 Week Challenge

Legendary YouTuber/Gamer Stampylonghead Learn To Ollie In 1 Week Challenge

Here at Skater Trainer we are always trying to find good content to share with beginner skateboarders so they can see others making progress learning to skate. Watching others can be a great way to improve and see how to fix problems that you might also be having.

We recently came across a video by popular YouTuber Stampylonghead challenging himself to learn to ollie in 1 week. Stampylonghead runs a gaming channel on YouTube with over 9 million subscribers where he posts mostly gaming videos. In the beginning of his video Stampylonghead explains he has no experience on a skateboard at all, but he has always wanted to learn to ollie.

Stampy's first time practicing he started in the grass. Many new skaters try to practice in the grass at first because they are less scared to fall on grass than on concrete. The problem with practicing on grass is it's very hard to pop the tail of the board off the ground which is one of the most important steps when learning how to ollie.

The first few days his ollie weren't very good, but with each day of practice did improve. Finally about halfway through his "learn to ollie challenge" he had a big breakthrough....he got SkaterTrainers (and a helmet and pads). Now he was prepared to attempt ollies on the concrete for the first time, and could be confident he wouldn't hurt himself. Being able to practice on the right surface makes all the difference when it comes to popping your board (again popping your tail is extremely important). 

As a beginner skater, confidence is also a big issue. Learning to skateboard is not only physical, a big part is mental. Having Skater Trainers helped him to feel secure so that he could better commit to his ollie. SkaterTrainers allow skaters to practice without the fear of their board slipping out from under them. Without this distraction they can concentrate much better on their technique, like jumping, timing, and foot placement.  

With each day of practice on the concrete Stampy's ollies improved greatly. By day 5 his ollies where looking much better than his first day, and you could tell his confidence had increased greatly. Check out his video below and see for yourself how much he improved. It's a great example of how fun learning your first trick can be and what a difference confidence can make when it comes to skate boarding.



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