Snowboarder Learns Skateboard Tricks with Skater Trainers April 23 2018, 0 Comments

Recently while looking through posts we are tagged in online @skatertrainer, we came across a young snowboarder on YouTube trying out Skater Trainers for the very first time. We watched his video and it has a lot of great feedback from a first time user we wanted to share. Click the video below to watch!

Matt Maniaci has a growing channel on YouTube with over 29k subscribers where he posts snowboarding videos and the occasional skateboarding video. In his recent video titled "Do Skater Trainers Work" Matt tests out Skater Trainers for the first time. Matt explains he found out about Skater Trainers from his friend. He liked the idea and decided to order them because he had already tried practicing tricks in the grass but couldn’t get the same pop in grass that he gets on concrete.  After testing Skater Trainers for a while he stops to give his opinion. What he likes about Skater Trainers is they make him stick his trick without tic tacking, he says "I think that a good thing because it helps you stick your tricks and land perfectly." Matt could ollie, kickflip and pop shuv it with Skater Trainers but the thing Matt said he really wanted to do was learn backside 180’s, a trick Matt said he had never been able to land before. Will Matt learn to backside 180 with Skater Trainers then without? What else did Matt think about Skater Trainers after his first time? Watch below to find out.