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Skatertrainer Sponsoring Autism Awareness Skate Contest

Skatertrainer is a proud sponsor of the 3rd Annual Oklahoma Slam Skateboarding for Autism Awareness this weekend July 25- 27th in Poteau and Heavener, Oklahoma. We are very excited to bring attention to the Autism community and promote skateboarding at the same time! Autism now impacts 1 in 88 children. We all need to be aware of this community and learn how to support them. 

Moms With Skateboarding Kids LOVE SkaterTrainer

2,163 Parents Who Bought SkaterTrainers for Their Children, Completely SHOCKED Me When I Asked Why They Purchased.

If this is the first you're hearing about SkaterTrainers, it's a very simple concept: 4 rubber stoppers go on each of the skateboard's wheels to keep it from moving while the rider practices tricks and other maneuvers.

We've sold thousands already this year, so I recently sent out a survey to find out what motivated parents to buy SkaterTrainers. 

While there were dozens of reasons that came back, here were the top 3 in nearly every parent's response:

The #1 Reason: Huge Confidence Boost

I'll be honest. I thought the safety aspect of the product had been the primary driver, probably because I recall my own mother being worried sick about me breaking bones on my skateboard...........


Share Your SkaterTrainer Story, Win Free Stuff for ALL of May

We can not tell you how happy it makes us to hear all of the great stories that are emailed and messaged to us everyday.    We want to hear more, and we want more people to know!    We need our customers to share with everyone about SkaterTrainers to help spread the word.   Both Skaters and Parents would be awesome.    Nothing is more effective than real stories!   That is how we came up with this contest. ......