Share Your SkaterTrainer Story, Win Free Stuff for ALL of May May 21 2014, 3 Comments

We can not tell you how happy it makes us to hear all of the great stories that are emailed and messaged to us everyday.    We want to hear more, and we want more people to know!    We need our customers to share with everyone about SkaterTrainers to help spread the word.   Both Skaters and Parents would be awesome.    Nothing is more effective than real stories!   That is how we came up with this contest.   
  • Are you happy with your SkateTrainers?
  • Parents, what do you think about SkaterTrainers?
  • Have they helped you learn new tricks?
  • Do you think others would benefit from SkaterTrainers?
Help us reach others by sharing your story on social media....and win some free stuff in the process.

The contest runs until the end of the month with some really awesome prizes.   Everyday we will pick winners and give prizes like T Shirts, sticker packs, Logo grip tape, and even SkaterTrainers!

At the end of the May, we will pick the 5 best posts on any platform and give away more Skate gear (SkaterTrainers, Decks, Wheels, etc).

All you have to do is share your story about your SkaterTrainers.   The more you share, the more likely you are to win.   Share on every platform you can (YouTube, instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Your story can be a neat photo, a video of you doing a trick with SkaterTrainers, a review of your experience with SkaterTrainers, Talking about your child's experience with SkaterTrainers, or anything else you want that involves SkaterTrainers.   We love testimonial videos, so include many of those.   It's your story.

Here are the Complete Rules and links to our channels