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Moms With Skateboarding Kids LOVE SkaterTrainer

2,163 Parents Who Bought SkaterTrainers for Their Children, Completely SHOCKED Me When I Asked Why They Purchased.

If this is the first you're hearing about SkaterTrainers, it's a very simple concept: 4 rubber stoppers go on each of the skateboard's wheels to keep it from moving while the rider practices tricks and other maneuvers.



We've sold thousands already this year, so I recently sent out a survey to find out what motivated parents to buy SkaterTrainers. 

While there were dozens of reasons that came back, here were the top 3 in nearly every parent's response:

The #1 Reason: Huge Confidence Boost

I'll be honest. I thought the safety aspect of the product had been the primary driver, probably because I recall my own mother being worried sick about me breaking bones on my skateboard.

But it's true. Our instagram is filled with THOUSANDS of kids who are progressing faster with their skateboard skills after using SkaterTrainer. Complete confidence building tool.

Reason #2: Pestered To The Point of Purchase!

Close to 13% of all parents who bought SkaterTrainers admit that their kids just would not let off once they found out about them. Once a kid (boy or girl) finds out about SkaterTrainers, they can't get their hands on them fast enough! Sometimes, I'll get 20 emails from a kid from the time they buy util they're delivered!

(If you don't plan on buying these for your kid, I don't recommend you showing them!!)

Reason #3: Lower Risk of Injury

When you put the SkaterTrainers on, the board doesn't move. When the board isn't moving, it's infinitely safer than when it is. Kids (and adults) are much more likely to injure themselves early on when they haven't had the chance to get to know their skateboard.

Those were the top 3 motivators, roughly about 90% of the responses.

If you're thinking about getting some for your kid(s), leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Or even better...



This kid's mom sent us this video for our "Awesome Story" contest! lol




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