Review and Demonstration of SkaterTrainers, Kevin Bailey, Owner of Knowledge Skateboards May 18 2014, 1 Comment

Check out this awesome review and demonstration of SkaterTrainers. Kevin Bailey is the owner of Knowledge Skateboards and an amateur sponsored Skateboarder. He gets many questions about SkaterTrainer, and did this video about SkaterTrainers and demonstrated some difficult tricks performed with SkaterTrainers. If you want to know what a very smart, extremely focused, dedicated, and very real professional skateboarder has to say about SkaterTrainers, watch this video.
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I have had the privileged of meeting Kevin Recently, and can tell you he is not an average skateboarder. Kevin knows a thing or two about Skateboarding. He has been doing it for over 10 years and has some great tricks. He works very hard at everything he tries, and it has paid off in many areas of his life, including being a very consistent skateboarder

Kevin is also a very unique skateboarder. For starters, he is a very strong 6 foot 5 inches and is well above 200 lbs and skates street. He also owns his own skateboard company, making him very informed about the specific details on skateboard equipment. And if you have not guessed it, the owner of Knowledge Skateboards is focused on learning, getting smarter, and getting better at everything.  Combine this with his strong faith, and you can see why he is the Parents' Choice for professional skateboarder of the year. He truly is a remarkable guy and a great skater, and we are not just saying that because he did an awesome review and demonstration of SkaterTrainers!   Thanks Kevin.