SkaterTrainer User Review from Justin, 15 Year Old Skateboarder May 15 2014, 6 Comments

Justin called us to say that he loves his SkaterTrainers and ask how he could help.   We asked him to make a brief video showing himself and talking about how SkaterTrainers have helped him.    We get many calls like this every day, but Justin really blew us away when he sent us this video.  


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I talked to Justin because we always want to know more about our customers.   Justin is a normal guy who likes to Skateboard.    He is 15 years old, goes to high school, and is an exceptional student.   My opinion is that he seems to excel at nearly everything he tries.   He is very smart and works hard and is very accomplished.    

So why was does he need SkaterTrainers?   He is not a fearful kid.   He was able to call and speak to the owner of a sizable skateboard company and speak with confidence and clarity.   This is a bold and confident kid who is not controlled by fear


This video proves to us that Justin is a hard worker, smart, and not a quitter.   The typically block headed skater advice of "Just try harder" and "stop being a wimp" was of absolutely no help to him.   You can tell by the hard work he put into this video that he is not lazy and does not quit.   Many, including myself, just need some help to overcome our reflexes so that we stop flinching and can actually land on the board.   SkaterTrainers helped Justin overcome his reflexes and quickly develop the confidence he needed to start dialing in his landing.   The confidence from simply knowing that the skateboard is not going to slip out and you are not going to take a hard fall.


Highlight from the Video

  • "My friends had their doubts and said I already know how to skate"  We hear that all day long from "skaters" that don't have any tricks.   
  • Always land pop shove-its with one foot.   I see this all the time, often from the tough guys that "already know how to Skate"
  • He demonstrates what he was doing wrong, demonstrates landing the tricks with SkaterTrainers, then demonstrates the trick rolling.   What else do you need to know!