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How to Ollie High the Easiest Way with SkaterTrainers

The fastest way to learn the Ollie is with a set of SkaterTrainers.     Here is our full tutorial on how to learn to Ollie with SkaterTrainers and then how to transition to learn to land rolling ollies and get them higher.

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May 13, 2014 • Posted by Jazmine Burnam

I love skater trainers! my only problem with them is you don’t have them in enough colors. I am a beginner girl skater and would really love them in pink, sky blue, or purple so they match my outfits.

May 08, 2014 • Posted by Aaron Lahdeniemi

can i buy these from finland or can i order these to finland ?

im really new skater and i want to become beter i saw the videos of skater trainers i think their awesome and easy to use thank you :)

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