SkaterTrainer Ollie, Heelflip, Pop Shove-It Demo from Dylan June 28 2013, 0 Comments

Here is some footage of Dylan demonstrating how to Ollie and How to heelflip with his SkaterTrainers at the Skatepark and talking about his thoughts on SkaterTrainers.  Dylan is a very solid vert, pool, and street skateboarder.  He really has fun trying new and bigger things with his SkaterTrainers.  

Dylan is well past being a beginner skateboarder, but is still learning everyday. The first evening spent shooting videos, he thought of several new and fun ways to use the Skatertrainers, including ollie up onto ledges and off of ledges.   Dylan did say that he regrets not being able to use SkaterTrainers when he was learning to Ollie and falling down all the time. He sees potential for them to help him with his flat ground tricks as well as big potential for teaching beginners how to skateboard and how to Ollie. 

Click below to see the footage on the blog post.   Be sure to give Dylan a thumbs up if you like it!