10 Easy Skate Tricks Anyone Can Do June 19 2017, 0 Comments

Vilas has a very popular and fast growing channel on YouTube that teaches skateboarding tricks of all levels.  He has content on basic tricks, advanced skateboarding tricks, and even skatepark and ramp tricks.  His explanations and content is great and is an asset to anyone trying to get better at skateboarding. If you are not already following him you should be.  Some of the best skate lessons on the internet.

In this video, Vilas breaks down some super easy tricks for beginners.  These will help you get better at skateboarding, have some fun, and look cool doing it. If you are still struggling with your ollie or have not quite got your shove its or kickflips down, this will give you something else that you can accomplish.

Easy tricks that look cool, what else do you want!

Here are some of the things he breaks down:

The old school kickflip is one of the easists board flips you can learn. The old school way is to jump off your board, flip it, then jump back on.

The acid drop. Sounds cool! Looks cool!

The boneless fingerflip might sound pain full but actually requires no surgery and is one of the coolest looking new tricks you can learn.

A half flip might sound half as good but might actually look twice as good.

The old school ollie is a good throwback to the old days but always a good new trick to be able to do.

The casper is a lot of fancy footwork. It’s not as hard as it looks but it looking so hard is what makes it look so awesome!

The pick up is an all time classic for skaters. It helps you pick up your board and pick up girls.

The chinese ollie is one of my favorites. It’s easier than a ollie but it’s very useful for getting past big cracks, potholes, and small curbs.

The board transfer might not be a real trick but it’s a good excuse to own two boards and two sets of Skater Trainers!