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VL Skates Skater Trainer Review

VL Skates Skater Trainer Review

If you've been watching skate tutorials chances are you've probably seen on of VL Skate's videos. VL Skate has a piewed Skater Trainers and had some very good points we'd like to share.

In his video titled "Should beginners use skater trainers" he talks about some of the pros and cons of Skater Trainers and his general opinion on them.

When comparing Skater Trainers to other practice methods (in the grass or wheels in a crack) he says Skater Trainers have the least amount of draw backs and he recommends them for beginners practicing they're first tricks.

One quote that we really agree with is "most new skaters are hindered by a mental block that they may not even be aware of", he says "fear of falling and getting hurt is a huge factor when your first landing tricks". Skater Trainers can help you get confident faster and progress quicker.

Check out the video and learn skateboard tricks faster with a set of SkaterTrainers


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