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What Is Handboarding? VIRAL NEW TREND!!!!

Handboards have had a recent explosion in popularity and have become a viral trend on social media. Kids love it because they are a way cooler toy than a tech deck; with handboard skateboards, you can actually do tricks!  Doing tricks on a fingerboard is frustrating and they often get lost or forgotten. Handboards bigger size make them easier and actually help teach skateboarding.

Handboard tricks are very similar to real skateboard tricks because the mechanics are the same. To do tricks on a hand board you place your hands on the deck in the same position your feet would be on a real board. Your hands then use the same motions your feet would to do the equivelant trick on a skateboard. Because the motion and positioning is the same handboards can actually help teach skateboarding. Another good thing about handboard skateboards is their small size, it's them easy to take anywhere and they're perfect for both indoors and outdoors. That makes them the perfect toy for a rainy day when you cant skate.

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Not sure yet? Check out these awesome handboard demos from hangnail handboards below.



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