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Braille Skateboarding Teaches You How To Varial Kickflips

Braille Army has released a new live skate support to help YOU learn how to varial kickflip. In this live skate support, pro skater Carlos Lastra works with Jay, a Braille skate camp kid (16yo) who has been skating for a year. Jay wants to learn how to varial kickflip because it's a trick he's been working on for a long time but hasn't been able to get. Working on a trick for a long time and not being able to stick your landing can be frustrating so Skater Trainers are the perfect teaching aid that will allow you to focus without fear of your board slipping out.

To asses what Jay needed to work on Carlos had him do a few attempts on his board without Skater Trainer. After seeing the problem Carlos breaks down Jays number one issue which is a common one most skaters have learning varial flips. Jay is focusing too much on his back foot scooping and getting over rotation but not much flip. To help eliminate variables so Jay could focus on his instructions Carlos had Jay put Skater Trainers on his board. With no chance of slipping out, Jay was able to practice worry free and soon was landing his varial kickflip with Skater Trainers on. When asked if he thought the Skater Trainers where helping Jay said: "I feel like most of these (attempts) I would have slipped out by now". Carlos let Jay know if he mastered it right there he would have no problem because of the confidence he's built. Of course, Carlos being a pro skater he knew what he was talking about and within three tries every one had a huge smile on their face because Jay stuck his landing.


Check out this awesome video for help on your varial kickflip and to see how Skater Trainers are helping others learn their tricks.


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