Professional skateboarder John Hill has a new video featuring Skater Trainers? July 03 2017, 0 Comments

 “If you are a beginner skateboarder and want to learn how to pop your board in the air and do tricks I 100% recommend Skater Trainers.”-John Hill

 If you didn’t already know John Hill is a professional skateboarder who daily vlogs on YouTube with over 500k subscribers. In his vlog with Skater Trainers he goes to a huge skate park in California where he lays down some crazy tricks using Skater Trainers. At the skate park he gives us some good beginner tips about skating at the skate park and he also tells us why he thinks Skater Trainers are better then practicing in the grass. When comparing skating in the grass vs Skater Trainers he says,

"in the grass you wont get that pop you need". Skating on the concrete with Skater Trainers will give you the pop you need but like John said "now you have a board that's not going anywhere".

That's the key to Skater Trainer giving you the confidence you need to get better. He talks about confidence in his video saying "I 100% percent recommend them to any one who is scared to commit to flat ground tricks at first."

John goes on to say "in my opinion skate boarding is 80% mental." Don't just take our word for it be sure to check out his video below.