Spencer Nuzzi of Ride Channel on SkaterTrainers….“These Things Really Work” August 05 2016, 0 Comments

Great news! SkaerTrainers have been featured on “Crowd Funded”, a YouTube show by internet skate celebrity Spencer Nuzzi. Known for his YouTube RIDE Channel, he shows off everything from skateboarding events, sick tricks done by the pros, and tutorials on how to nail some more advanced tricks.

Spencer Nuzzi on SkaterTrainer

In his show Crowd Funded, Nuzzi shows off cool gadgets and ideas that were started on crowdfund sites likeIndiegogo, Kickstarter, and GoFundMe. These sites help people with great ideas get the backing they need to bring their ideas into fruition. Most of the things featured on CrewdFunded are skate related, while others are just really cool. We were featured on episode 5 where he tried out SkaterTrainers.

After testing them out with some kickflips and other skateboard tricks, Spencer agrees, “These things really work”.

Skater tested, and skater approved.

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