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Josh at Evolve Skate Camps, SkaterTrainer Interview

Josh at Evolve Skate Camps, SkaterTrainer Interview

Josh Beonliel is the owner of Evolve Skate Camps, and has been operating one of Canada's largest skate camps for the last 6 years. Josh has spent the last 10 years running skateboard programs and helping people of all ages learn and progress in skateboarding.

Evolve Camps operate in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. The provide an awesome service and have thousands of satisfied customers that keep coming back for more.

Evolve is the house hold name in Ontario when it comes to learning how to skateboard. From skateboarding camps to community events, Evlolve makes sure everyone is welcome to jump on a skateboard

A little over a year ago, Evolve started using SkaterTrainers as part of their program. In that time, we have got to know Josh, his approach, and how SkaterTrainer helps him teach kids skateboard tricks faster. 

"Evolve uses skater trainers in our camp as we have found that they are the ultimate tool to teach kids how to ollie as well as many other tricks" - Josh Beonliel

I asked Josh a few questions about skateboarding, his camp, and using SkaterTrainers. Here is what he had to say.

Why is skateboarding good for kids?
"It is a great way for them to develop self confidence, self control, independent motivation, develop balance, get the creative juices flowing"

Why do so many kids quit skateboarding?
"So many kids quit skateboarding because they get hurt when they try on there own. That is why tool like SkaterTrainers and Camp like Evolve Skate Camp are so important."

What are skatertrainers? What do you tell people about them?
"SkaterTrainers are the ultimate tool for any skater to use to develop muscle memory and grow their trick bank.......SkaterTrainers allow you to practice anywhere at any time"

How do you think skatertrainers will help skateboarding?
"Skater trainers make it easier for kids to learn tricks with out getting hurt allowing them to stay in the sport longer"

Why is it beneficial to learn with SkaterTrainers?
"SkaterTrainers cut the learning curve when developing new tricks"

Tell a success story about someone who you know that has used SkaterTrainers?
"David jones, 8 years old came to one of Evolve events asking "how do I Ollie?" We strapped his board up with trainers and within the hour of showing him the proper technique we could see all four wheels leaving the ground. We are excited to have David at camp this summer!"


Evolve has many skatecamps located throughout Canada. It is definitely something you should check out if you here: Evolve Skate Camps Website


Be sure to follow their instagram channel @evolvecamps


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