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Clark Loves his SkaterTrainers

Clark Loves his SkaterTrainers

Clark Underwood is a YouTuber we discovered that has been using SkaterTrainers. Clark does a regular series called “Sunday to Sunday”, where he creatively documents the highlights of his week. It’s a great 5 minute watch every week and always makes me feel like I lead a boring life compared to his adventures.

In the episode below, Clark featured SkaterTrainers. It turns out Clark has been skateboarding for many years and has his bag of tricks, but has used the SkaterTrainers to learn a few new tricks that he could never get before.

In this episode, Clark learn front shoves and 360 flips with SkaterTrainers. Treflips, 360 flips, 3 flips…all the same thing.

According to Clark, “I have never landed a 360 flip in my life….not even close”

Watch the video to see how he does, and comment below….

We look forward to hearing more from Clark. Be sure to subscribe to his channel to see more.


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