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SkaterTrainer Demo - Ollie and Kickflip

This is Eric from Quickie Mart showing off the SkaterTrainers on his board.   He was checking them out and was nice enough to throw an ollie and a kickflip for us to shoot.   He is a very experienced skater who is super smooth with some serious moves.   

Notice the pop, and how the skateboard responds just like a real skateboard because..... it is a real skateboard.  Its his board that he rides every day.   He makes it look too easy.    Get a set of SkaterTrainers and start practicing so you can Learn to Ollie, Learn to Kickflip, Learn to Heelflip, or what ever trick you are trying to get past.   



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Be sure to check out more from Eric and the rest of the Quckie Mart Crew on their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/quickiemarttulsa)