All Girls Belgian Skate Group Using Skater Trainers April 15 2018, 0 Comments


Lots of different types of people use Skater Trainers. We recently came across a new first impressions video of Skater Trainers by a 26 year old Belgian girl Anais with a interesting story we had to share.

Anais is a beginner to skateboarding and she says she felt "this will be a great advantage for me personally because the fear of doing a trick, landing the wrong way and falling on my face is holding me back all the time". Fear of falling is often overwhelming and distracts you from focusing on what your feet and body are doing. This is especially true because Anais stopped Skateboarding when she was 14 and shes now 26. Twelve years later she is relearning how to ollie and how to shuv it. Adults relearning skateboarding or learning for the first time often will use Skater Trainers for the exact reason Anais mentions.

One of the things we liked about Anaïs is she recently started an all girls skate group in Belgium. She says one of the reasons she started her group was "its just so awkward as a grown up female to go to the skate park and be a complete noob". We are excited that Anais and her group of girls are using Skater Trainers to learn skateboarding.

Check out her full review below!