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Learning Skateboard Tricks on Your Lunch Break?

Learning Skateboard Tricks on Your Lunch Break?

Life of Brian is a vlog channel on YouTube where creator Brian often posts short skate videos. He started his channel with a video where he gets a new skateboard as an adult, a decade after his first one. Adults relearning skateboarding is one of our biggest customer bases so we thought these videos would be perfect to share. Brian's channel has been documenting his progress from learning how to ollie, and how to kickflip, to more advanced tricks like how to front side shuv it. 

Frontside shuv its was the first video he made with Skater Trainers. He admits "I've been terrified of front shuv its so I decided to use these". Skater Trainers are great for adult learning and relearning Skateboard tricks. Adults tend to have a lot more fear of falling than kids so Skater Trainers are perfect to help you focus on learning the trick without having to worry about falling. Building your confidence and being able to focus on your technique without moving parts will help you land once you take Skater Trainers off. Check out Brians FS shuv it progress below!

Brian also stated a mini series on his channel of what he calls #LunchBreakSessions. In his third lunch break session it was a rainy day and Brian thought he was going to have what he called a "throw away session". He ended up filming in a parking garage using his Skater Trainers and he landed his first varial kickflip. In his description Brian says " It ended up being one of the most exciting of the year so far. Skateboarding will do that to you, man." We definitely agree with Brian and think you should watch his video and get Skater Trainers for your lunch break.



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