Make Your Ollie Look Better April 09 2018, 0 Comments

Pro skater and YouTuber John Hill recently came out with a new video to help you with your ollie. John Hill does daily vlogs on YouTube where he often skates, he has been a long time supporter of Skater Trainers. In Johns new video he breaks down the 5 most common problems that a new skaters might have learning how to ollie. His first tip deals with one of the most common problems. Almost every new skater learning to ollie will turn their body when they jump. John key to staying straight in the air is to make sure your shoulders stay the same direction as your feet. Johns biggest recommendation is that you practice a lot. He says "If you can do your ollie still..... with Skater Trainers as long as you start getting it more and more consistent it will be easier as you roll". Be sure and watch his video below to get the complete list of the 5 most common problems and solutions that can help you get a better ollie.