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Advice to New Skateboarders


New skateboarders rely a lot on the advice of older skaters when they want to learn a new trick and are having trouble getting it. This is because they have been there, done that and know what works. Usually its a friend, someone at a skate park, or it could be someone on YouTube.

Recently we found a video by young skater named Hunter Rayl who checked out Skater Trainers in his vlog on YouTube. Hunter has some experience skating and can land a variety of tricks so we thought his insights would be perfect to share. 

Hunter starts his video by unpacking the Skater Trainers and putting them on his wheels. Immediately he lands a kick flip first try and a ollie. After checking them out for a few minutes he says "If your just starting out skateboarding I suggest these I'm sure if you're just starting out you don't want to be moving you just want to sit in one spot and try to figure out how to do the tricks". 

Its good advice from a skateboarder with experience that we want to share. Be sure to check out the video below.


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