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How to Ollie, Day 1 Practice - Leveling Out Your Board

Repetition will teach you how to ollie fast.

Learn skateboarding basics! How to shuv it, ollie, kickflip, heelflip, tre flip and more.

We recently found a awesome video on YouTube by a new skater named Bryan Cantos. This video is a great example of how new skaters learn to ollie and learn skateboarding basics through repetition. In his video description Bryan tells this is his first day practicing ollies with his Skater Trainers on, and we are impressed and excited by his commitment and fast progress.

With Skater Trainers on the board Bryan can practice over and over again quickly resetting for his next attempt without the chance of falling. This gives him muscle memory and confidence on his skateboard quick, so he can focus on making progress not falling.

We noticed one thing about his video we wanted to share to help you learn how to ollie. In the beginning of his video Bryan was not leveling out his skateboard. He would jump with his back foot popping his tail of the ground but he wouldn't level out. By the end of the video Bryan had figured out leveling his board by making sure to slide his front foot from behind the trucks all the way up the nose. 

We highly recommend you check out his video below and start learning your ollies.


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